Social media platforms are a powerful tool to get the message across to the public rather than advertising the conventional way such as postings in magazines, television commercials, advertisements, posters or lecture talks. There are several different topics that has altered and gain an increased number of advocates due to the powerful usage of social media but one main topic that has really changed is the adaptation rate of the vegetarian lifestyle.


Pamela Anderson’s powerful campaign poster for PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has been seen around the world thanks to the internet. The posting of this specific campaign as well as other campaign posters made by PETA in order to show people to go vegetarian with powerful messages, has been reposted on twitter and Facebook.

Aside from campaign posters, PETA has also enabled the viewing of videos that encourage people to understand what happens at slaughterhouses and why the lifestyle should be widely adapted.

As well, people going vegetarian has been so widely popular that there are now dating websites for vegetarians to come together. is a dating website that can be used for social networking or dating and even breaks up different categories of what type of vegetarian you are in order to simplify your search.

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Instagram, a powerful image sharing platform has introduced a new way of how we perceive food and with the trend of going green and eating clean, hundreds of instagram accounts have been made in order to promote healthy eating alongside recipes and with the images looking ridiculously amazing and delicious, everyone wants to eat clean and share how healthy their eating to their followers.

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The same is applicable for twitter, another powerful platform in where people are able to use the hashtag to their advantage and find people with the same beliefs and discuss what they believe in. Twitter has made it possible for vegetarians to come together or prospective vegetarians to understand what vegetarianism is all about.

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Social media is a powerful way in order for people to utilize the new tools that are presented for us and to take advantage of learning more about a specific topic. Hashtags that are used on instagram, Facebook, twitter has allowed people to come together to form a community to either educate others on what they know about or rejoice in the common interest of sharing different views on how improvements can be made.


I wanted to figure out if social media was a rising trend for people to adapt lifestyles that they never thought of before and so I decided to formulate a survey and asked people on the streets of what they thought about social media in general and the power that it contains and then moving on to questions of whether they would adapt a lifestyle cause of the trend. Majority of the answers that I received were based on the fact that social media does play with our choices nowadays and following suit of who we inspire to be whether they are a fashion blogger, celebrity or internet celebrity. There are so many ways to see messages that are sent out from these people that its hard not to try to adapt what they are promoting. Who wouldn’t want to help save animals, live a healthier life and lose weight. Social media has been a huge turning point in learning more about vegetarianism and building a community around it.

I also made a instagram account of posting vegetarian dishes and abusing the hashtags that would be useful for the pictures to be liked. It is definitely hard for a upcoming instagram account however there were few likes here and there, which shows the interest that people are looking at pictures associated with these hashtags.

As for twitter, I studied and explored all the different hashtags that people were using for their posts and found that vegetarianism is a hot topic indeed. Several people made posts of their opinions, sharing facts on news articles or just trying to educate people on the topic itself. Some shared their life story in bits and pieces of how they chose to adapt the lifestyle and how it changed their life into something else that they would have never imagined.


BLACKFISH by Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Completely unaware to the harm of killer whales at water parks, this documentary really showcases the effects of how one killer whale, Tilikum goes against the people and is responsible for three deaths. The film closely focuses on SeaWorld and Tilikum’s journeys from his first capture in Iceland and then relocating into the United States. It really opens viewers eyes open to the consequences of holding these ‘entertainment’ creatures captive and will enable the viewer to think differently the next time he/she goes to a water park for a show.

AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY by Alison Klayman

China’s strict limitation on information has always been known to the public but Ai WeiWei decides to challenge the government in hopes of spreading information he believes they deserve to know. One of which he includes in the film is the completion of all the names of the victims part of an earthquake  in which the government decided not to proceed to do so. The journey that Ai Weiwei sets on in hopes of changing the limitations placed in his country is seen through struggles and his own individual sacrifice to the consequences of his choices.


I have always been aware of street art surrounding me but I never truly took the time to stop and think twice about what was being posted and shown. With this assignment, I was able to analyze through 5 different neighborhoods of what street art I found and see if there were any changes in what should be posted in what neighborhood or not.


This graffiti shot was found at the W4 train station where it comes to show people love tagging their ‘tags’ amongst common found areas. This one covered the braille section of the signage which shows how inconsiderate the person was.


This shot was captured on a fence pole outside of a basketball court where several stickers was stuck on top of one another and one of them includes a USPS one with a brandon drawing on it. I have never fully studied stickers that were being posted throughout the city but stopping to see it, theres so many more messages that can be delivered when we stop and analyze these images.


Random graffiti that captured my eyes!


Really inspiring to look at and the creativity that comes with it is why I captured this image above. It shows so much differences in the characters that were being dragged and how amazing the details are included within each character. I’m not fully quite sure of what the real story behind all these images are however.


Very similar to the first image I posted but it shows a random graffiti posted on top of a sign removing the first word of what the sign was intended to focus on.

Here Comes Everybody – Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky tackles the issues that are inevitable especially in today’s technology driven generation. Since the introduction of the World Wide Web, there has been developments in how information is communicated whether it’s photo sharing or blogging, things have changed drastically. Shirky truly lets readers be grateful for the introduction of the Internet and makes readers ponder about the possibilities if the Internet hadn’t been developed.

There are definitely cons of the Interne such as an alternation of our lifestyles. We are no longer inclined to pick up the phone to make a call, write a handwritten letters, or forget to go out and embrace fresh air. However, Shirky makes several great remarks in how the Internet actually improves our lives. One main factor that he writes is the creation of groups through blogging platforms that enables people to write about their feelings and to find find people who can relate to them. No one feels alone with the Internet where it allows people to come together to form a community even if it isn’t in person.

Especially with numerous social sharing platforms, twitter allows us to share news on the spot, instagram allows users to share pictures and facebook gives us the chance to connect with people, and more relatable platforms has shaped the industry in so many different ways. Having the ability to share your work through the Internet can open many more opportunities rather than the past where you would have to find a studio or gallery in order to get your work shown. In the book, he gives the examples of Flickr and slideshare and provides real-life stories of people who took advantage of these platforms and shared their stories. As well, he includes a bunch of other platforms that we normally don’t hear about, which provides a change for readers to broaden their experiences.

There was definitely more publicity after publishing the book where reviews could be posted and allowing prospective readers to pick up their own copy. However, since this book closely touches on the impacts of the Internet, there was no doubt that people were sharing this book amongst their social media platforms either praising or criticizing it.


Amy Poehler is best known as an outstanding comedian featured on Saturday Night Live and other roles, which made her a household name. She not only acts but also is a voice artist, director, producer and writer. In her, Yes Please, she takes a different route than what most books intend to do. Most importantly, she includes her humor and makes sure to keep her fans laughing up a storm while reading through her book. I had read her famous co-star, Tina Fey’s Bossypants and was quick to believe that there would be an uncanny resemblance to each other but Amy made sure to really make sure the book included her tone and made it strictly the direction that she intended it to be.

The journey wasn’t forced as a reading assignment but I quite actually really enjoyed it since I had obtained a hardcover of it and it wasn’t completely filled with text but with pictures as well that really made me understand and felt a more intimate setting with Amy. I never knew much about her besides watching her on screen and never took the time to research on her background. This book helped her fans understand her in a completely nontraditional way of writing.

Each chapter has its own captivating title that gives the reader a sense of what they’re about to read, which gives the book character and makes it especially memorable. She splits up the book into three different sections where she organizes it through miniature stories within each category. The first section is where she discusses herself and how she got to where she was with all her past experiences. Reading about her childhood and family is extremely heartwarming but Amy doesn’t open up too much about the intimate details, just enough details for readers to understand her story. She talks a lot about her pregnancy leading up to the birth of her children. But she also makes sure to include little snippets of other famous colleagues in her book!

(Amy Poehler on Ellen discussing her plans with her children)

(Amy Poehler dishing on other stars in Yes Please)

In the next section, she focuses on chapters that provides advice to her readers and helps them with similar issues that she has faced. She addresses the fact that women don’t know the answer to everything in one of her statements, “Too often we women try to tackle chaos that is not ours to fix”, showing the connection that she makes between her and fellow female readers. This was an important section where she allows her book to show readers that events in certain situations that it’s going to be okay. The last section complies a series of essays that enables Amy to discuss core situations where she provides an uplifting energy to help readers understand and redirect their life in the direction that they should be heading towards.

Social media definitely plays a huge part in Amy’s contribution to what she believes in and what she aims to accomplish. “Smart Girls at the Party” is a series on the web that combines herself, Amy Miles and Meredith Walker to inspire young girls to become strong. They have a motto, “Change the World by Being Yourself” where they encourage young females to come together and express their opinions and thoughts. They have created their own website, social media platforms for this web series and Amy herself has a big following on social media platforms as well.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 5.05.36 PM

(Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Youtube Page)

Do-Gooder Celebrity

I have chosen Angelina Jolie as my do-gooder celebrity due to the impressive stack of accomplishments she has successfully gave back to the community. She works with the International Campaign to ban landlines as well as toured refugee camps since she works as an Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. In addition she chose to adopt most of her kids in order to raise awareness of suffering in their home countries. Her first child, Maddox, was adopted from an orphanage in Cambodia  and her second child, Zahara, was adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopia. When her husband, Brad Pitt and her decided to have their own biological child, they traveled to Namibia to give birth to her. After, comes Pax who was adopted from an orphanage in Vietnam. With her own personal experiences, she wanted to pus for legislation to help aid child immigrants in both the U.S. and developing nations.

Her list of accomplishments ranges from tons of different accomplishments. She first started by contacting the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in order to gain more information and knowledge of the conditions of these developing nations. She began visiting refugee camps around the world and focused on the areas of where she is able to give back, starting by donating huge amount of funds in order to help sit emergency situations. She continues to travel and discover different areas that need the most help and what the public usually stems away from that most people don’t know about. Jolie has also established the Jolie Legal Fellowship where a group of lawyers and attorneys are sponsored to advocate the development of human rights in their countries.